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The Fishuk® is a small thru wired inline tool that fits between the fishing neck and the wireline toolstring, that acts as an insurance policy that saves the wireline tool from damage due to falling to the bottom of the wellbore—potentially across perforations/producing zones—being unfishable and left in the wellbore, or damaged from being bent, or destroyed from fishing attempts.


The Fishuk® tool takes a completely innovative approach towards wireline fishing by both detecting and saving the toolstring from damage or loss. Once the onboard processor detects pulloff, the system becomes “armed” and begins looking for predetermined parameters in real time that, when met, will send a signal to actuate the centering arms, and will lock the toolstring in place.

Industry Analysis

Due to increasing environmental regulations, the global wireline market is being forced to run more premium services. Corrosion logging, is now becoming a billion dollar market, just by itself, and is becoming more and more prevalent as companies establish baseline and time-lapse well integrity plans, and more horizontal wells are being drilled. The Fishuk® now for the first time ever, offers an insurance solution to both the operating company as well as the wireline company decreasing lost production and decreasing lost time due to fishing operations.


There is currently no other tool in the industry that has the functionality of the Fishuk®. With this current intellectual property and the fact that the technology used is brand new, special care was taken, and no expenses spared, in drafting these patents, thereby minimizing future patent infringement.
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How It Works

The Fishuk® is a 1 11/16″ tool designed to be a standalone, battery-powered wireline tool that attaches below the fishing head and above the weight bars in a cased hole situation (future models will be configured to work in open hole situations). The Fishuk centers the toolstring upon becoming decoupled from the wireline, and catches it within milliseconds to avoid damage.

The embedded software and proprietary electronic circuitry detect signals and activate the arms that lock the toolstring in place. Now, knowing the exact depth of the toolstring, and knowing that it’s centered, makes for very easy fishing. A slickline grapple then grabs onto the fishing neck, and with a simple pick up and slack off formula, the internal solenoid will be activated to release the tension on the centering arms, thereby making for a very simple and efficient retrieval.

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