Oilfield Fishing Solutions (OFS)

The Fishuk

Oilfield Fishing Solutions is here to introduce a revolutionary technology in the global oilfield wireline industry. Fishing in the oilfield just got easier, faster, and cheaper.

OFS owns the rights to two US Patents, as well as numerous international patents that use novel technology to aid wireline fishing operations. They include downhole technology to detect wireline decoupling and tool stopping & centering technology to enhance efficacy.

An Industry First

The Fishuk® is the only downhole tool in the wireline industry that is designed to both detect a pull off and stop the tool before it hits the bottom of the well. It is the first of its kind and provides a solid insurance solution to the wireline industry by preventing tools from being destroyed or lost.

Complete Protection

Intentional or unintentional decoupling of tools in either horizontal or vertical wellbore applications leads to loss of money, time, resources, and results. The Fishuk® centers the tool upon becoming decoupled with the communication system and also catches the tool within seconds of it being decoupled.

Peak Efficiency

The Fishuk® is a standalone, battery-powered wireline tool made to prevent the tool from falling and to center the fishing neck in the wellbore for easier fishing operations. It uses a Pull Off Detection System (PODS) that houses a myriad of sensors to determine in real-time if the toolstring is connected or disconnected from the wireline.

Saves Money

With the Fishuk®, the operator saves many hours of fishing time and cost as well as very significant “lost production” savings. Easy recovery for nuclear tools also offers less regulatory risk. Constant real-time updates on the toolstring prevent it from being damaged, lost, or destroyed. There is also a reduction of Lost In Hole (LIH) invoices to the operator.

Never Lose Your Equipment Again

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